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Testing GPS in Production
We are  using M20048-1 in our System. How can I test GPS in production phase especially inside a building ?

What kind of equipment do I need to test GPS inside a building ?



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Hello MP,

You will need to bring the GPS signal into the area where you are testing the M20048-1. You can use a kit such as this:
or design something similar in order to test your installation of our module. Please let me know if you have any other concerns.

Best regards,
Geoff S.

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Hello Madhu,

While you can use a GPS repeater to see that a GPS device is functional indoors, that will not be sufficient to objectively test the performance (such as the receive sensitivity) of the device.  To do that, you will need a GPS simulator and a small anechoic chamber to shield the device from RF interference.

The GPS module might work just fine until designed into the host device, where on-board circuitry EMI might desensitize the receiver or de-tune the GPS antenna.  Have you checked that?

Labs such as ours can provide GPS testing and trouble-shooting services during the development stage to verify the design, and we also develop end-of-line production testers which will verify that the device meets performance thresholds before shipping it.


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