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Antenna selection for LTE-M and pcb width 30mm max

I found three antennas in your offer, which I could use in a device with LTE-M communication. SR4L049 SR4L034 and A10340. I wonder which one of these will be the best for my application, because PCB dimension will differ from those one described in antennas datasheets. PCB width will be max 30mm and length - max 120mm (preferably 100-110mm). Could you send me some information how it will affect antennas performance? Device will be utilizing LTE-M frequencies in bands:  B1 (2100) , B3 (1800) , B20 (800) and also 868MHz frequency. It will be great if you could recommend any other antenna in your offer, if there is better than these three mentioned above for this PCB dimensions.

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Hi Kamilmysz,

For your board size I would recommend using SR4L049. It will allow for 7mm of ground plane extension to the side of the antenna which the antenna design requires. It will cover the bands you are trying to cover and will work quite well with board lengths down to 100mm without too much of an efficiency drop. In the datasheet on page 9 it shows how much the efficiency drops every 10mm in board length. You can download the datasheet at

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Geoff S.
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Chu has made and described mathematical considerations regarding the required installation dimensions for antennas. Before we now take a closer look at Chu's antenna theorem, we will take a look at the world of musical instruments. #Woodwind instruments can only cover a certain frequency range depending on their length. The piccolo flute is extremely short and can cover the very high notes. The tenor flute was designed for low tones. Flutes for low tones are comparatively long. Even lower tones can be produced with a bass flute. The same can be seen when looking at the organ in a church. On a church organ, the pipes for the lowest tones are the longest. In the world of music, as in the world of integrated antennas, physics cannot be outwitted. I hope that my excursion into the world of music and low tones will make you understand the need for a long PCB for low transmission frequencies.

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Hi Kamil,

Hope the abowe answer is enough for You. if You would like to get some samples or development board please feel free to contact Acte Poland. You can email me directly at:

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