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In the application note for A10192, section 9, does trace width at neck of antenna matter?


In the picture below, how critical is the width of the trace circled in red below?  Why not keep it the same width as the GCPW trace?

What is the recommended trace width for the trace circled in red below?



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Hello Lukesnow,

The area inside the circle is a transitional area where the CPWG stops and the antenna begins. The width is not very critical to the overall performance of the antenna. I have sometimes used a tapered trace to go from a wider trace to a thinner trace to reduce the reflections caused by the abrupt change of trace widths. The trace width is 0.5mm but again, I would recommend a tapered trace from where the CPWG end and the pad that the antenna solders to.

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Geoff S.

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