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What are the tuning components of the SR4L049-L dev board?

In the datasheet is can be found that L4 and L5 depend on the board size, but what values are used on the dev board (as a reference)? 

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Hi KeeHog,

L4=12nH and L5=3.1nH. This is only applicable to our dev board.  They will need to be adjusted once the antenna and circuitry is developed into your device.

Best regard,

Geoff S.
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Hi Geoff,
And what are the L1,L2,C1,L3 values on SR4L049-EVB-3? Only to get the full circuit reference.

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L1= 3.3nH

L2= 3.3nH

C1= 1.8pF

L3= 3.3nH

These values are only a starting point to matching the antenna for your application.  The values will need to be adjusted.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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