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Would you be able to provide an encrypted HFSS model of antenova Part No. A10192

I am working on a design, researching alternative chip antennas.  I'd prefer to continue using the Antenova part no. A10192, but need to be able to simulate a pattern for our design.  A competitor provides encrypted HFSS designs, so that the chip antenna can be simulated in the customer design.  In contacting HFSS, it sounds like it's not difficult to create an encrypted model.

Is this something you'd be able to do for this part?

Thank you, and looking forward to your reply.


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Hi Luke,

Unfortunately we do not currently send out this data but this should be changing within the next couple of quarters. Please check back with us in 3Q for this data.

Best regards,

Geoff S.
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Hi, did that change by now? Would you be able to provide an encrypted HFSS model of antenova antennas

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