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Antenna choice for 2G/NB-IoT

I'm looking for an antenna adapted to 2G & NB-IoT communications for European market and I'm wondering if a configuration would exist with SR4C033 to fit to bands 8 and 20. The datasheet shows separate configurations for 5 & 8 and 20.

If not possible, which antenna would you advise to use for this application ?
PCB total size is 115x48mm (h x w) but the surface for the antenna is of course limited!

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For your application and PCB size i would suggest one of the following assuming you wish to use an SMD solution.

Similis (SR4C005)

Calvus (A10340H)

Integra (SR4L049)

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We already use SR4L049 for a 2G/3G design, it is the only choice that fits to the mechanical constraints.
Is there a way, using the matching circuit, to optimize the performances for 791-960 MHz frequencies, neglecting higher frequencies ?

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SR4L049 is already for 791-960MHz, 1710-2170MHz, 2300-2400MHz, 2500-2600MHz.
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Yes, I know, I already use it for 2G/3G design...

Let's take the example of the ISM antenna SR42I010, that can be used for both 868MHz & 915 MHz with a dual band tuning configuration (45% efficiency according to the datasheet). But, if you don't care about 915MHz, you can optimise the performances for 868MHz by using a single band tuning configuration (60% efficiency according to the datasheet).

This is what I'd like to do with SR4L049 by using a tuning configuration that is optimized for lower frequencies.

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