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Dual antenna and one coax cable
Is it possible to place 2 different antennas (selected from your catalogue) for different application and frequency range (for instance: BLE antenna and ISM 868MHz antenna), and connected to one only 50ohm coax cable? I have to design and place a combiner (mix) before the antennas and coax cable, and a demix after coax cable.

For sure I will get more insertion loss by this solution, but my question is this: is it possible or not? Which other issues could happen? Please take into account that the two signal in different frequency range will be filtered enough in order to avoid interferences.

Thank you.

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Hello Gitalleri,

Yes, you can create a microstrip trace combiner similar to an array feed network that would take the 50 ohm feeds from the BLE and ISM separate coaxes and combine them into one 50 ohm trace then feed that to your single coax then do the same at the other end of the single coax to decouple the two antennas.  It would be best to have a high pass filter on the BLE antenna and a low pass filter on the ISM antenna to block unwanted signals from each leg of the array path.

Best regards,

Geoff S.
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Hello Geoff,

                  thank you for your kindly comment. Yes I did a similar device and it work fine. The insertion loss was reduced as soon as possible in order to get best performance on communications.

Best Regards.


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