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GNSS Raptor SR4G053: Phase center variation


We'd like to use the Raptor SR4G053 antenna in our GNSS product.The GNSS receiver we use (from u-Blox) gives a specification for the antenne which is connected to, in order to be able to enable the RTK mode: the antenna phase center variation.

The antenna phase center variation should be <10 mm over elevation/azimuth, as specified in the uBlox receiver datasheet. The problem is that in the datasheet of the Raptor SR4G053 there are no datas concerning the phase center variation. Could you give some typical values, measured on the reference board for example ?

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We do not offer this information for our antennas. If it is necessary for the operation of the u-Blox module you may ask u-blox if they offer this measurements service to their customers.

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