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Assist with antenna tuning
We're using SR4L002 antenna on our board. We've heard that you can provide assist with antenna placement and tuning. Is that correct? If so, what are the steps we have to take in order to make that happen? Are you capable and willing to even perform lab measurement on real device?

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Konrad Foit

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Yes, we can provide antenna placement and tuning assistance. Send an email to and request assistance with your project. You may want to be ready to send either 3D step files and/or Gerber layout files so the engineers can better assist you.  If these are not available but you have a device you can provide that would work as well. If non of this is available then rough dimensions and some design details will help our engineers put together a rough prototype of your device to see if your design is feasible.

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Geoff S.

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Tanks. We will send such request.

Best regards,
Konrad Foit

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