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GSM/GPRS LoRa 868MHz and BLE Antenna Selection

We design boards with the following features and we would like to know what are the best option of #antenna and placement, we have very limited space on PCB

  • Quectel M66 (quad-band GSM/GPRS module) with BLE
  • LoRaWAN Module 868MHz
  • UBlox M8Q 3 GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)

We see here 4 antennas, but may be we can do some optimization, since LoRa and GSM/GPRS won't communicate in the same time)

Volume are 1K unit to start.

Thank you helping choosing your antennas.

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We will need to know the size of your PCB and how it is powered. Batteries have a big impact on the antennas when they are in close proximity to the antenna.

To fully understand your request we will need to see your layout and 3D design files. Please contact our sale team at

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Geoff S.

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Hi Charles,

Thanks for your question.

This sounds like a very challenging design from an RF perspective. You mention that your circuit board has limited space – just how limited it is? LoRa at that frequency will typically require a large ground plane to operate effectively, as will GNSS.

Have you finalised any other aspects of your design? Ideally you'd want to place the antennas in their ideal placement location – as stipulated in the data sheet – to those whose performance you want to prioritise.


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Charles, how big is the planned circuit board? There's a battery. What is the size of the battery? In which countries should the device be certified?

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