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order a antenna with a different connector


I am Jorge Vallejera, HW engineer in GMV.

We have designed a new equipment with this 2 ANTENOVA antennas:

P016274 - Antenna, 4G LTE+MIMO adhesiva IPEX 108mm (ANTENOVA:SRFL026)

P016275 - Antenna, 4G LTE+MIMO adhesiva IPEX 147mm (ANTENOVA:SRFL026)

This antenna comes with a UFL connector. The problem is that: our modem is EM7455 (SIERRA) and it comes with this connector:

Foxconn (KK12011-02-7H), Longwell (911-002-0006R), Speedtech (C87P101-00001-H), Murata (MM4829-2702RA4 (HSC)), IPEX (20449-001E (MHF4).

Could you supply the same antenna and cable length but changing the connector that plugs in that modem connector?

Best Regards

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Hi Jorge,

Yes, we are able to supply our FPC antennas with different connectors as well as cable lengths. However, depending on the cable length change, this may alter the antenna performance.

Depending on the different connector you choose, MOQ's may apply based on that supplier.

Can you please email your request including qtys, contact details and location/country to whereby someone will get back to you with a quotation and lead-time.

Kind regards


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