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What is the actual pinout of SR4G008 1539?

We designed a gnss receiver circuit incorporating SR4G008, connecting the pads of the antenna to the GNSS receiver according to the directions in its official Product Specification document. To our surprise, we found out that the FEED pad (pin2) has internally been connected to pin 3 which is being suggested to be connected to the circuit ground making the reception of the GNSS signals practically impossible.

Checking the internal connections of all the pins of SR4G008 with a multimeter, we found out that pins 4 and 5 are also short circuited internally which is contrary to the technical specs of the antenna.

So, what's wrong with this product, it's technical specs document or the component itself? 

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Hi, the pin out is correct in the product specification. the connection to GND is also intentional. this type of antenna uses a capacitive feed with this antenna. I suspect your device requires the antenna to be tuned by the matching circuit.

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