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Is there a recommended tuning strategy for the M20047-1?
I'd like to know if there is a recommended tuning strategy for selecting the components R1 and L1 connecting pins T-L and T-R respectively to ground.  Reading between the lines in the datasheet, a good starting point for R1 is a 0-ohm link, but there is no guidance for the choice of L1.

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Hello Andrew,

Unfortunately there is no specific tuning strategy as your implementation will vary. The best way is to isolate the antenna from the other components with a pigtail coax cable, populate the 2 matching components with 0 ohm resistors, and see where your resonance is via a network analyzer. Then you can use the Smith chart to see what components you need to shift your resonance into band.

Hope that helps,

Dan Dobransky
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Thank you for the answer, that helped me, but on the DEV board of the m20047, which component is used there at the place of L1?
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Hi Andrew,

L1 should be a 47nH inductor and is used as an RF choke on the VCC supply line. Page 8 on the data sheet spells out what component values to use.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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