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Clearance on all layers?
I am just designing a board with the Integra SR4L049-R antenna.

The Host PCB layout needs a clearance acording to the datasheet.
Is this clearance necessary on all layers or just the top layer where the antenna is?

And my board is just 60 mm in lenght... do I have a chance to get a signal nontheless?
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Hi Chris,

The clearance required is needed through all layers and is critical for the antenna to function correctly.

For a PCB length of 60mm this will need careful integration – but it is possible to get signal. Feel free to post your board layout here once it's finalised.

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Hi Chris,


Yes you 100% need clearance on all layers, and don’t put metal components underneath such as a battery.

Regarding length, it depends what frequency you are targeting? If you need sub 1000MHz its going to be very very difficult, require very complex tuning and your performance will be low. Otherwise if you are targeting frequencies around the 2000MHz I have had experience getting relatively OK performance after tuning.


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