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Recommended ground plane SRC2W006
Hi. I'm reviewing the Minuta SRC2W006 antenna for a project. What's the smallest recommended ground plane for this part? The project is a small smarthome device. Thanks.

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Our evaluation board for the Minuta SRC2W006 is 30mm x 50mm which would be the recommended size groundplane for your project. Be sure to follow the layout recommendations provided in the Datasheet to ensure maximum performance.


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The Minuta SRC2W006 is a loop antenna. Such antennas need ground planes in the left and right side of the antenna. The distance to the left and right of the antenna depends on the lowest resonance frequency. In the data sheet of the antenna it says 6 mm. 6 mm left and 6 mm right plus space for the antenna with a distance of 5 mm gives an edge length of 17 mm. 17 mm x 17 mm could work. Note that a battery is a large rolled up or folded ground plane. The battery in your device will affect the antenna. The same applies to the display and other metallic objects. My suggestion is to build an empty PCB with only the antenna, the battery, the display and the return loss. When the return loss is o.k. the next step is to measure the antenna radiation pattern. When the first test is negative and the return loss is negative then the antenna concept has to be reconsidered.  Inquiries for test setups or support for test setups are welcome to Harald Naumann (AT)

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