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What is the recommended method for tuning an antenna for specific bands?
We have designed a PCB using the SR4L002 antenna, including the recommended matching network and component values from the data sheet.  We received first samples, and an initial S11 on VNA shows sub-optimal performance.

Does Antenova have an app note outlining procedures to tune the matching network for multiple bands (700-850MHz, and 1700MHz-1900MHz).

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How to prepare a board for the measurement of Return Laws I have described here

What are the dimensions of the board in the X and Y axis? On which axis was the antenna mounted? For 700 MHz the board should have a length of approx. 120 mm. Are the approx. 120 mm available?

Consider that metallic objects like a display or a battery near the antenna have a strong influence on it. If the antenna is influenced by the metallic objects, it is often not possible to adapt it with an adaptive circuit.

If you wish I can analyse your board. Harald Naumann (AT)

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