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UHF Reader antenna
Dear Gentleman

I´m developing UHF Reader to read Passive TAG operating in freq. 915Mhz to 928Mhz.

I would like to know if somebody can suggest me the best antenna type for this application?

Someone can share to me antenna design for this applicaion?

Thank you.

Silvio Hideo Ishizawa

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2 Answers

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Are you looking to use a chip antenna, or are you planning on designing a PCB trace antenna?

If its a chip antenna, then I would recommend our Grandis or Latona antenna which can be found using the search engine on our products page of the web site.
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Thank you for the attention.

I´m planning to do PCB antenna to get range of 10 meters.

In the market there are some products that have one antenna array and have 12dBi gain.

The shape of these antennas it seems a E leters. I would like to know if somebody can suggest me PCB antenna to have 12 dBi gain. With a single antenna os even with antennas array.

I can tune or evaluate any suggestion because I have a vector analyzer.

Looking forward receive some help.

I can say Thank you very much for any suggestion can be sent.

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