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Pi tuning network PCB layout
Dear Sirs,

We have designed a board with a Beltii antenna and a UBLOX Zoe receiver. We have foreseen a Pi-Network on the board. Using a simple solder bridge, the board received sats and can fix positions; not great reception, but it works. The board and the ground plane is very small e.g. 18x18mm.
However, after soldering the recommended match inductance and capacitance (from the measurement with the network analyzer) we don't see any sat's anymore. Can the layout of the PI network prevent the function? Is it possible to provide the layout to Antenova for review as we are planning a new revision of the board?

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Hi Tim,

Sure, please send your gerbers for review to

We can check all your device information and help to suggest the best course of action to resolve these issues.

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