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SR4L034 antennas performance on customer design

I am planning to use two Inversa antennas as a MIMO setup on my design. To verify the antenna performance in my model before I have actual parts available I'd like to receive the 3D simulation models of the SR4L034 antennas. Is this possible? Or maybe Antenova provides assistance on design verification using my mech model and PCB files?

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Hi, Depending on your stage of development, we can offer a simulation service or real chamber testing based on your design files. Please contact for more information.
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The 3-D simulation is only valid on the reference board and on top of that without housing. My suggestion is to build an empty board with the two antennas in the original housing and to measure the return loss and the antenna insulation first of all. If these two values are in order, the antenna pattern can be measured. Inquiries for measurements are welcome at harald.naumann (at)

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