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P/N SR4I051 ISM antenna
When can I buy samples of this antenna? How long should I wait?

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Hi. If you go to the SR4I051 antenna page on our web site, there is a shopping basket option for you to purchase some sample antennas and an eval board if required.

Alternatively you can contact one of our local distributors in your region. A list of our distributors and their contact details can be found at

Provided the antenna is in stock, you should receive them within days.
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i did't see shopping basket option. Please explain. 

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This part is just finishing final test and will be released very soon. I will notify you once samples are available for purchase.
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Please tell me how long to wait for commercial availability of the antenna? Or at least samples. Thank you in advance.
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Hi. We will be able to update you towards the end of next week.
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Thank you very much.
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Hello, is there an exact time frame when you can get antenna samples? or we should not rely on them in the near future and we will consider other options.

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