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Best antenna placement
I'm designing a device using a cell module (CatM1 & NB-IoT), and wanted to make sure I understood the best antenna placement and orientation on my PC (I am planning on the Lucida antenna, #SR4L002). The PCB will be approximately 3" wide, by 5.5" long, and the product will be used with the PCB oriented so the long dimension perpendicular to the Earth plane (pointing up). I was planning on the antenna being mounted along the top edge, in a corner, with the long edge of the antenna parallel to the top of the board. Much like your evaluation board.

Is this the best placement for the cell signal?


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Yes, mounting the Lucida antenna in the corner of your PCB with the antenna pointing up will work very well. This antenna is an omni-directional antenna, o it will function well in most orientations as shown in the data sheet. You also have a very good length of board/ground plane, so the antenna will function well, even at the low bands.

We would be happy to review your architecture or gerber files once completed.
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7,62 mm x 13,97 mm is a sufficient size for the groundplane. please make a hand sketch and place it in the forum.
Make sure there is enough distance between the antenna and the housing wall and consider that a battery or a display will influence the antenna.

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