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Antennas over Batteries
I have an existing WIFI product that I am adapting to 4G/LTE.
The number of possible positions to place antennas in the existing envelope is very limited so one option I was considering was placing a flexiiANT (Zhengi) on the plastic lid over a Lithium pouch cell battery.
In my case there would only be 0.7mm clearance between the battery and the antenna.

Co-planar to a PCB you recommend a distance of  >15mm  would this be the same over a battery?

If so is there a way to tune or manufacture an antenna for a position such as this?

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Our recommendation would be to use the Zenon non-detuning antenna.  It can be mounted on the battery itself.
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The datasheet for the Zenon (SR4W030)  antenna only mentions 2.4GHz operation. Are there other versions of this product that would cover the 4G/LTE range of frequencies?
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A battery is a large rolled up or folded ground surface. With your small distance the ground plane is a short circuit for the radio wave.

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