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Can I make an array of SR4G053's (Raptor) to feed a single GNSS receiver?

Can I make an array of SR4G053's (i.e. Raptors) to feed a single GNSS receiver?

If so, what would the (hopefully simple) circuit look like?

Many thanks.

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Hi, Raptor is not suitable for an array system, Raptor is designed for smaller devices that have limited space and that do not have the room for a large heavy ceramic patch, but still require good performance. For your request you are best advised to use a patch array design.
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Perhaps I'm not explaining quite what I'm trying to achieve.

Could one attach two Raptors to a drone, one on the top and one on the bottom, such that the drone's GNSS receiver would be able to function when the drone is right side up and upside down?


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