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Active antenna performance and tuning on small PCB
I am using the M20047-1 active antenna on a small PCB 40 mm x 34 mm. The datasheet states that it should be placed on the long side edge with 40 mm. In my design it is only possible to place it on the 34 mm side. The spacing to the left edge of the PCB is 6 mm. According to the datasheet I am using a 4 layer board with GND pours on the top, second and bottom layer with regular via stitching. The RF trace is only 2 mm long and the whole board has good noise filtering. Of course the clearance area is as it should be. How much of a performance drop will I get in this configuration?

Furthermore I would kindly ask if you could provide me with documents on how to choose the tuning resistor and inductance on AT1 and AT2. Do you recommend to perform further steps to increase the GNSS performance?

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Hi, I will send a document to your email address on how to tune this antenna.  It's difficult to give an exact answer, but the performance will be reduced with a smaller ground plane.  We have another passive antenna (Agosti) that is suited to corner placement, do you need an active antenna?


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