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Antenna choice for LTE, GPS and LoRa on the same PCB
I'm preparing a PCB that's probably going to be a 10cm x 10cm four layer board 1,6mm. I will be hosting ESP32 with its integrated PCB wifi/ble antenna. Additionally I have on the board a LoRa chip for 868Mhz band (Europe), NEO-M9N GPS chip from ublox and a LTE chip from ublox called SARA-R510S-01B for use with bands 1,3,8 and 28. Ideally I'll choose antenova chip antennas for the LoRa, GPS and LTE circuits. Can you recommend antennas that I could source from a mainstream provider (like Mouser, to name just one example) to use for this project?

Alternatively, could you elaborate on the feasibility of doing such design. Would I be much better off by having some of these antennas off the PCB using U.FL connector on the PCB and external antenna? If so, any suggestion on antenna choice in that case?

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Here are my recmmendations:



GPS: Sinica

FPC is also feasible such as Mitis/Moseni for LTE but that will depend on the enclosure size and shape. Do you have an enclosure desgined already? If so I can take a look at it for you.

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