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Wideband ground independent embedded antenna
I need a wideband,  ground independent,  low cost embedded antenna to cover 1-4.5GHz or most of that band. What are the best options? Thank you

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Hi Sir,

would you please describe your requirement more detail?
for example, what kind of communication system in for device and what kind of antenna (SMD type or FPC type) you are looking for?

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my device is mobile (i.e. a drone) so it will be flying while communicating with a ground station. This wideband antenna (1-4.5GHz) is used for downlink from the drone to the ground station. The antenna will be an FPC type so connected via a cable to the main radio electronics. My transmitter can work at any of the 1-4.5GHz frequencies so I want a consistent gain across that band with consistent VSWR. I also need the antenna to be ground independent. I would also like to keep the cost reasonably low (under $5 in high volume) and weight as low as possible.
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Dear Sir,

Sorry that we don's have antenna which can support the frequency from 1GHz to 4.5GHz.

For the FPC type antenna, we have Lutosa- SRFL061, which support frequency 617MHz - 960MHz, 1420-1520MHz, 1710MHz-2690MHz and 3300Mz-3800MHz.  you can check the data sheet in website.

Would you mind telling what kind of wireless communication system designed in your project which support 1GHz - 4.5GHz?  

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thank you Raymond. My application is for a special network where I want to listen and transmit across various channels in the 1-4.5GHz band. It is not necessarily using standard regulatory licensed or unlicensed frequencies so this is why I am asking about a broadband antenna.

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