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measured gains in dBi for A10470-GSM

We have been carrying out radio testing with your A10470-GSM penta band antenna which we use in our Tempus product. The test lab needs to know the measured peak gain (dBi) and specification (dBi) for each band to complete the test report.

The data sheet we have for the product (version 01 release 05 April 2013) does not include this information. Please could you provide an updated data sheet which provides this information.

Note: This information is provided for the other antennas of yours we use A10470-blade.

Many thanks


(Note: RDT is part of the Philips group and having been using your antenna's for many years)

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The antenna you refer to is a custom antenna specific to your device. Please contact us at to continue this topic.
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Hi Chris,

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