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Product with integrated 4G/5G

Hi i have a product that is full metal enclosure, and we have a request from a costumer that they want to use 4G/LTE 5G to connect to it. 

Therefore we need to add an antenna, or another solution. 
what do you guys think is a good idea ?

the product is not manufactured yet so we have possibility to create a great solution.

i would like to not have an antenna on the outside, as the product will be mounted on the outside of a house, in semi outdoor conditions.

Here is a picture of an earlier version of the product:

We are talking 50 units. 
what antenna solution do you think is good for this. 
hope you can help ! and have a great day :D

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Hi Daniel, As you know, the antenna will not work when enclosed in a metal box.  Can you put an antenna in a waterproof plastic box at the top of the product, so that the antenna is not visible?  You can use a terminal antenna with a SMA connector, and then use a short cable to connect back to the cellular modem.  see for cable assemblies, and

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