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Help with antena PCB design

Hello, I want to use your antenna chip (M20057-1) instead of another passive antenna (1001011 / KYOCERA AVX) to enhance the system performance. 

During my testing I wasn't able to get a fix (led blink of M10578-A2 GPS chip) with the M20057-1 antenna even with some hours of working.

You can find all the schematic below with the component value, can you help me if I don't miss anything with the design ? 

I'm waiting for your response, 

Sincerely, Mr Levesque Electronic Engineer in R&D department for Obsta Company

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Hi Mr Levesque,

I think the performance issue is from the M20057-1. The ground plane on both sides of the antenna needs to be cleared of copper. I have attached a picture for your reference.

Best regards,

Yu Kai Yeung

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