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M20047 placement away from edge
Does the M20047 need to be mounted on the edge or can it be mounted further back if the ground plane is also pulled back ?


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Hi Cab,

It can be mounted futher back if the ground plane is also pulled back from the edge but make sure there arent any metallic objects/ components on the edge near the antenna.

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Yu Kai Yeung
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Hello Yu Kai

Thank you, 

The maximum voltage spec is 3.6V but can the M2007 device run at 3.7V ?.

Problem is that we want to run it off a 3V6 battery and cant add a 3V3 regulator and with no load this battery may may float up to 3.7V ".

thanks Cab, 

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Hi Cab,

3.7V will cause permanent damage, Is there a reason why a voltage regulator can't be used?

Best regards,

Yu Kai Yeung

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