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Small ground plane under the antenna vs direction of antenna.



we want to use your antenna in our design. Our device is used for dog tracking. In a previous version of our design, we used a GNSS Sinica SR4G008 antenna, but we had some troubles with GPS signal so we decided to change the design. We chose the Active GNSS M20047-1 antenna mainly for its small dimensions, which are critical in our design. I am writing to you because we haven’t decided where to place the antenna in our design. We have two possible places where the antenna can be placed:


 The first position is on the main PCB, with a good ground plane under the antenna. This position has a disadvantage because the device is worn on the neck of a dog, so the antenna is directed to the ground.


The second position is on the secondary PCB, which will be 90 degrees against the main board and will be directed toward the sky. The disadvantage of this solution is the very small ground plane under the antenna. The dimension of the board will only little bit bigger than the antenna (approx. 14 x 16). On this PCB will be placed only antenna and connector to the main board.


 Can you help us to decide which solution is better? Do you have experience with antennas on small PCBs with small ground planes? If you have any suggestions about our design or selected antenna don’t hesitate to tell me about it.


 Thank you and regards,


 Petr Kolar

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Hi Petr,

Would you have a 3D file I could look at? To get a better understanding of the positions but from the information so far the first position would be best as it needs ground plane to radiate.

You can email me the 3D files if you have them at

Best regards,

Yu Kai Yeung

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