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Antenna position in metal housing

in our new project, we want to integrate a WiFi module in our housing. The affected device is similiar to an tablet pc, but the back site is completely manufactured from alloy. Frontsite is covered with the display. Because of the alloy, the antenna placement inside is not possible. Do you think it is possible to glue an antenna outside on the alloy enclosure? Do we have some disadvantages, if we glue the antenna in a small milling groove? Wich kind of recommendation we have to consider? From my perspective, the antenna SRF3W077 or SRFW082 seems to be the best for my application. Or would you propose another antenna? I am very new in the field of Wifi regarding the mechanical integration. Because to this, I need many different information to share them with our mechanical team.



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Hi Jan,

I would recommend applying it to the internal edges of the device if possible in spot that is furthest away from any metal. The antennas can't be placed on a metal surface as that will detune the antenna.

I can take a look at a 3D file for you, if you need.

Best regards,

Yu Kai Yeung

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