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SR4L002 matching


I'm working my clients LTE IoT application, where using SR4L002 antenna for various bands, but mostly conectrating on EU LTE bands. As I'm doing my first VNA measurments I see the antenna is heavily de-tuned by the display panels vinyl plat, as adding huge dielectric load.

I seen you have antenna matching options in the datasheet but not discussed in details. Do you might have any guidance or application note for such scenarios with dielectric load?

On my VNA measurements you can see the blue trace as "antenn pcb in air" and the yellow trace is where "vinyl loaded". VNA measurement is calibrated and port extension done for SMA pigtail.


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Hi Zoltan,

Mechanical components will have an effect when placed close to the antenna, however this can often be compensated for with the matching component network. Matching component values and topology will be specific to your device. We do offer a matching service in our lab, so we can handle the optimisation for you - with the device fully assembled. We provide a full report with matching component values, return loss, efficiency and 2D & 3D radiation patterns. First we would like to see some 3Ds or photos of the device showing the proximity of mechanical parts to the antenna.

I have sent your contact details to your regional representative, who can give you more details on how this works, and put you in touch with your regional FAE.

Many Thanks

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Hi Steve,

Thank you! 
We are waiting for the FAE contact to move forward, we will need to make an NDA too to progress. 
Can you please add my colleague Andras to CC who will manage that NDA:
This is kinda show stopping now, as this product is waiting for release and then a couple of 10k manufacturing after that.
Thanks and Best Regards,

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