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Footprint pinout for the M10578-A2-PS-3.02 part
Your data sheet for the M10578-A2-PS-3.02 does not tell me if the pinout is looking from the top down through the part, or if it is looking at the bottom side of the part.  This is very poor documentation of how to get your parts on circuit boards.  The risk is very high of miswiring the part with this ambiguity on your datasheet.  Please verify if the pinout shown on your datasheet is looking at the bottom of the part, or looking from the top through the part.  Thank you.

Leo Stevens

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Thank you for your question, I checked the M10578-A2 datasheet, on p.3, it shows pin 1 when looking from above, and also it shows pin 1 when looking from the bottom side of the module.  On p.7 it shows the pinout with pin 1 at the top left, therefore the pinout is the view looking down from above the PCB.  I hope this helps. 


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