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uBlox and SR4G053
I am working on a project that requires the use of a uBlox receiver with a GNSS antenna. I am considering the SR4G053 RAPTOR GNSS antenna from Antenova for this purpose. The output of the uBlox module has an impedance of 50 ohms, and the SR4G053 antenna also has a nominal impedance of 50 ohms. Is it necessary to use an additional matching circuit to properly connect the antenna and module, or can I connect the antenna directly to the output of the module without adding any additional components to match the impedances? Also, are there any other aspects I should consider when selecting an antenna for a uBlox receiver, such as phase centre and surrounding planes? I appreciate any advice or suggestions you can give me.

To be more specific, I am using the uBlox NEO-M8P receiver. Are there any additional considerations I should take into account when selecting a GNSS antenna for this particular receiver? Is the Antenova SR4G053 RAPTOR GNSS antenna a good choice for this receiver? I would appreciate any guidance or recommendations you can give me.

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Lucas Lopez

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I looked at the datasheet for the NEO-M8P, in section 1.19 it recommends using an active antenna.  Therefore we recommend the M20047-1 active antenna.

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