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Fix indicator on M20050-1


It is unclear from the datasheet of the M20050-1 module what the expected behavior of pin 18 (FIX) is. Is it high on fix or low? is it push-pull or open drain?

Also does the module expects any answer on the uart port or simply having it powered and a high level on pin 26 (standby) is enough to expect gps data to be outputed once fix is acquired?

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I hope these answers below make it clear how it works.  When module doesn't have a fix then pin18 (FIX) will be low (0V).  When the module has a 3D-fix, then the pin18 (FIX) goes high (2.8V).

The module will output data (NMEA messages) on powerup, it continues to send messages when the module has a GPS fix or not.  

Pin26(HW_S) enables standby by pulling low or wakes up from standby by pulling high.   You don't need to pull high Pin26 all the time.  


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