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Orientation recommendations for Lutosa antenna
We are planning on incorporating your Lutosa antenna in a customer's product. We are using a FCC/PTCRB module and would like to know if you have any documentation or guidance on incorporating the flex antenna in the design. This is a custom enclosure and will be in a fixed position, thus we can control antenna orientation. We did look at the radiation patterns and have some idea based on those, but we thought you might have an app note.



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Hi John,

Here are a few rules when implementing a flex antenna into the design:

  1. The antenna is atleast 15mm away from all metal (PCB,screws,battery, screen etc), further away from metal the better.
  2. Ideally the antenna should be adhered onto a flat part of the enclosure so the antenna isnt folded.
  3. The cable routing is also important and the cable should be routed away from the antenna so it isn't close to the antenna or folded over the antenna.
There are more details on how to integrate the antenna in the antenna's datasheet page 16.
Yu Kai

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