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Need to download footprints
Dear support,

I am not able to download footprints and 3D models for ISM antennas Grandis SR42I010-L and Latona SR4C033-L , your donwload for both footpirnt and 3D models redirect me to a site similar to this one:

In both cases the datasheet can be downloaded with no further problems.

I would also need the footprint and 3D for antena LTE Pharaop as we are waiting for samples arrival and need to implemente my test fixture for this antenna.

Please this is urgent.

Thanks a lot for your support.

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3 Answers

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Thank you for contacting us about this, I will look into it, and hope to get it fixed later today.

Thanks, Michael
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The problem is now fixed.
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Dear support,

Still no footprint for Altium Designer available... only 3D models for Grandis an Latona.
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Hi, I've got the footprint files now, and they are being updated on the website shortly.

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