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Should the m50200-1 fix satellites with the default config?
Im testing a custom board with the m50200-1 based on the reference design in the datasheet.

Im able to talk to the module and change configs, but i cant even get satellites in sight, so fix is always invalid.

Any tips to troubleshoot? Is there a critical configuration i should check?

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It seems you have the correct software configuration, however I suspect the antenna needs fine-tuning - as per section 10.2 of the data sheet, the two external matching component values will be unique to your device. This is a service we offer, through our regional Sales/Support channels, I have passed your details to your regional representative who will be in touch soon.

Many Thanks

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Hi Wester,

We do offer antenna tuning services. Please email me if you would like more details.



Robert Dumont

Sales Manager - Americas

1 613 447 1999

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