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SRF2W012 - 150 antenna design and PCB connector.

Dear Team Antenova,

I am interested in the "SRF2W012-150" antenna and would like to have the design resources as well as recommended PCB connector. 
Could you please share the same?

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Hi Nithin,

The full Technical Specification is available to download on the website, which should tell you everything you need to get started. The antenna is fitted with I-PEX connector MHF1 (20278-112R-13), any compatible connector is suitable.

Many Thanks

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. Just confirming one more thing. I can use this for Bluetooth applications, right?
Because this product is explicitly noted as Wi-Fi/Bluetooth but the description only mentioned Wifi. (saw the 2.4 GHz. But making sure)
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Hi Nithin,

Yes, that's correct, it only cares about frequency. Our antennas can use any protocol within the specified frequency range.
Many Thanks

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Thanks for your clarification.


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