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Can vias be placed in pads for mechanical stability (SR4L002)?

I am designing a RF product where the antenna SR4L002 is beeing used.

I have previously experienced issues with copper pads beeing ripped of the PCB. The solution to this issue has been to add a via to the pcb pad to increase the mechanical strength.

Can this consept be utilized on this antenna?

From the datasheet:

"The antenna has 16 pins with only two as functional. All other pins are for mechanical strength."

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Hi Kim,

All of our products are drop-tested as part of our design process. We have had customers in the past concerned with potential delamination of large components due to very harsh environment such as shock and vibration, although we have not seen any failures. We have in the past recommended applying glue (e.g. Scotch Weld) in 3 or four positions, although a via in the pads on each of the four corners could be a good solution. If using a via in the pad, care should be taken that enough solder is applied to these pads to ensure full pad coverage and compensate for the solder being drawn down through the via.

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