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Choice of the best antenna
Hello everyone,

I'm currently trying to set up a BN-880 GPS module with RPI4. The module seemed to work fine at the beggining but after couple of days of testing and playing with I saw that it loses a fix quite often making it impossible to work with. I tried to take it outside, power it up with external power source but with no success. I was thinking if something could interfere with its signal but I also tried to isolate it from anything possible also without success. My question is if I soldered a different antenna than the one that it came with would it help? What antenna should I use and what parameters I should focus on  in antenna choice?

Thank you for any help.

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I think your problem is caused by noise generated from the RPi processor being received by the antenna. Changing antenna won't make any difference.  I suggest to try moving the RPi away from the module, or put the RPi in a metal box.  And make sure that the patch antenna is at the top, and everything is below the patch antenna.

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