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M10578-A2 HW RESET - is this a cold or warm restart?
Does the hardware reset produce a cold or warm restart?

All the Datasheet say is :

"The External reset pin is default high by an internal 75Kohm and should be left floating if not used. To initiate a reset the pin needs to be pulled low. The module also initiates a reset if the VCC drops below the minimum 2.8V supply."

Am I missing a user guide/manual? This documentation seems a bit thin. I have the Datasheet for what it is, the NMEA Packet definition and NMEA sentence definition.

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It does either a cold or warm or hot start, depending on whether it is already tracking satellites. So a reset is the same as sending a serial command for reset, then if it is doing a cold start, it will begin a cold start again.   

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