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what is BITSYNC test?

OK, thanks.

Is the bitsync when the time first appears in the NMEA stream, before lock is achieved?

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Hi Ben,

All the tests can be conducted without getting a fix. Please see example below:

Many Thanks


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Thanks Steve. I was interested in the timescales. I am trying to work out if there is a way to do production test of the boards which doesn't involve waiting 30mins for an initial lock. Timing data appears much faster than any satellite info.

Where do you get the SV id from?
"Packet Type: 810 PMTK_TEST_ALL [Packet Meaning] Enter MP test mode and set test item and SV id."

Is this extracted from the NMEA sentences as the satellite data starts to appear? Or are you expected to scan them all?
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Hi Ben,

We recommend performing this test with a GPS Signal Generator, the total test time should be around 25 seconds.

Many Thanks

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Thanks Steve. We will certainly consider the GPS Sig Gen.

Before doing the test, to get the SV ID, are you expected to get the available SV IDs from the NMEA output, i.e. wait for the satellites info to arrive before performing this test?

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