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Please check and verify whether our design has any issue or degradation of RF signals

We are designing a Telematics Gateway has heating components, hence we forced to use metal bottom plate for thermal management and top side plastic for RF components. Provided the detail design concept please let us know the Pros and cons for the same.

For 4G we are using chip antenna.

For GNSS 25 mm patch antenna.

For WIFI + BT PCB trace antenna.

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Hi Dinesh,

Metal parts should be kept away from all antennas, in this design the close proximity of the metal enclosure to the antennas will impact the performance significantly. However, with some more detail we can assist you further. We offer a free design review service and can help you integrate our antennas to get the best possible performance, please contact to get in touch with your regional representative who can guide you through the process.

Many Thanks


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