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Stiching GND vias for SR42W001 ?
If the antenna SR42W001 is placed on layer 1 near the edge of the PCB, and layer 1 is also populated with a lot of components so there isn't much of a GND plane on layer 1 but there is a solid GND plane on layer 2, how many stitching vias are required to connect pin #2 (GND) of the antenna to layer 2 ?  Does the antenna need to have GND vias all along the perimeter of the antenna, or just one via near pin #2, or other ?

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Hi Allen,

Vias should be placed all over the PCB, particularly around the antenna feed, as we do on our evaluation boards (see below). All layers should be flooded with ground for best performance and to reduce potential noise issues. Also we recommend using a 4 layer stack up. We offer a free design review service and can help you integrate our antennas to get the best possible performance, please contact to get in touch with your regional representative who can guide you through the process.

Many Thanks


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