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SR4G008 questions
Both questions are based on SR4G008-PS-2.01.

1. According to the datasheet Description (2), the antenna is RHCP (Right Hand Circular Polarized), but on the General Data (5), the polarization is Linear. Please clarify.

2. I'de like to investigate the gain in each direction; for that, I need to match the planes (XY, XZ, and YZ) to the antenna board (SR4G008 EVB-1, AN-1-1363-D), but I'm missing the arrows on the three planes (XY, XZ, and YZ), where can I find the missing data?



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Hi Tal,

The statement in the description is that the antenna has "RHCP characteristics", we say this to make it clear that it is a suitable alternative to a patch-type antenna which are circular-polarised. The antenna is Linear polarised, however, meaning it has good radiation in all 3 axes.

The X,Y,Z axes are shown in section 6.4.1 in the data sheet, it may be a .pdf compatability problem, can you confirm which software and OS you are using to view the data sheet?

Many Thanks


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