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LTE Cat-M1 antenna - selection and correct placement


I am working on new project for external customer. The device will include WiFi module (2.4 GHz only, with PCB antenna) and LTE-Cat-M1 module (frequencies to be used: 698-960 MHz and 1710-2170 MHz)

The device will be put in plastic housing. I am considering two different locations of LTE antenna and WiFi module:
Location 1:

Location 2:

In location 1 the LTE antenna will be quite close to the flyback converter

In location 2 the LTE antenna will have ground plane quite close to its left side. Also ground plane for WiFi module seems to be worse than in location 1.

Which location and which antenna would you recommend to select (Allani / Inversa /Lucida)?

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Hi Jakub,

I would suggest using the Inversa antenna in location 2 due to longer ground plane but make sure it isn't too close to the screw as that will affect the performance.

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Yu Kai Yeung

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