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Advice needed for BLE antenna selection

We are working on a Bluetooth repeater with dual antenna output for Bluetooth applications. The PCB size is 50*52mm and is mounted in a plastic enclosure. The PCB is screwed to the enclosure mounting holes thanks to 4 metal screws. Therefore, the idea is to place 2 antennas at the side of the PCB, one at the top side and one at the right side, each antenna at 90° to the other.
Note that a battery will be placed below the PCB, including below the radio area. The battery will be situated between 0.5 and 0.8mm away from the bottom of the PCB.
Could you give an antenna recommendation please? We are not limited for ground plane area and antenna size as we have few components on the PCB. We would like an antenna with a low gain so that it is not directive. We can accept two different antenna references if there radiation pattern compensate each other.
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I would suggest using the Serica antenna on the center of the top edge and the right edge. But make sure the battery isn't below the antenna area as that will affect the antenna performance.

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Yu Kai Yeung

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