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Availability of a small GNSS antenna
I'm looking for a SMT multiband GNSS antenna that has a small (width x length) footprint. By small I mean about 16mm x 16mm, but this is not absolute; some components can be moved, but I think 20mm may be impossible. The height is limited to about 20mm.

Does such an antenna exist?

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Hello Ssmail,

Our Beltii PN: SR4G013 and Sinica PN: SR4G008 antennas should work for you.  What size will the board the antennas are mounted to be? It would be best at a minimum that your main PCB be 50mm by 50mm (or somewhere thereabouts).  The Beltii does not require the ground in the PCB under the antenna to be removed whereas the Sinica has to have all of the copper removed underneath the antenna through all of the layers.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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